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A musical all about me? How does that work?

This Is Your Life: The Musical takes your life and transforms it into a larger-than-life musical - without any script or any pre-planning whatsoever. We are a group of seasoned comedic improvisers who feel that life should be celebrated, and that jazz hands are ALWAYS appropriate.


At the top of the show, we conduct a brief interview with the guest of honor. From there we jump into a full show about their life, marriage, career, or whatever it is they're celebrating! We take their stories and make them the inspiration for a show in which every scene, every song, every note, every joke is completely improvised.


Did you steal a pack of gum when you were 7? Get ready for a song about it. Did you meet your partner while cave diving in New Zealand? We'll relive that moment with you (probably through some very creative dance moves). Whatever the occasion, we bring the Broadway to you, because after all, haven't we all had a moment that called for a kick-line?


At times touching, heart-warming, poignant and hilarious, a personalized musical is an unforgettable experience that you or your guest of honor will cherish forever, while your guests will thrill to the witty banter, memorable melodies and slick dance moves of our talented cast. 


We're available for weddings, showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, roasts, anniversaries, and corporate events as well - we can do a show about anyone and anything.


To find out how it all works, check out our FAQ.

This Is Your Life, The Musical
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