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Ok, it sounds awesome, but we have some questions...

What is "This Is Your Life: The Musical?"


This Is Your Life: The Musical is a fully improvised musical based on your life.  We conduct a short interview with the guest of honor in front of everyone and then take that information and transform it into a larger-than-life musical right before your eyes - without any script or any pre-planning whatsoever. Everything is made-up on the spot, right in front of you. 


How long is a TIYL musical?


Our basic package is for a 40-50 minute musical.  We’ve been performing improvised musicals for a long time and have found that a 40-50 minute show generally feels complete.  If you would like us to do something of a different length, just ask us. We're flexible.


Is everything really improvised?


Absolutely.  We’ve all undergone years of training in improvisation.  Our cast members have trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade, the Annoyance Theater, the People’s Improv Theater, the Magnet Theater, Broadway’s Next Hit Musical, Second City and Improv Boston.  It seems like magic to anyone watching it - and it is magical - but improvisation is a skill that is developed over time through rigorous training.


Is the music improvised too, or do you just fit in different words to a few different tunes?


Everything is improvised - every note played by our pianist, every melody-line sung by our actors, every chord progression, and every lush harmony you hear in our shows, will be discovered in the moment by our improvisers.  You know exactly as much about the songs you’re going to hear as we do.


Do you just substitute my name into your script?  How personalized is it?


Everything is completely improvised.  Everything.  There is no script!  There is no plan other than to celebrate the life of our guest of honor through a series of scenes and songs based on the details of their life that we get from our interview. The whole musical is made up in the moment. And it is all about YOU. 


No way.  Really?



Where do you perform this personalized musical?


We come to you. We can perform on the stage of a rented theater, or we can perform in your living room, or your workplace. And anywhere in between.


What’s the music like?  What style?


It can be anything our extremely versatile and talented music director is inspired to play - broadway, rock and roll, blues, doo wop, salsa, jazz, opera, you name it.  We don’t plan anything, so the music is inspired by the magic that is happening on stage. If you have a favorite genre, let us know! 


What if my life isn’t that interesting?


First of all, that’s impossible.  You’re a living, breathing human being with hopes and dreams and fears and opinions and there is no one like you in the whole universe. It may not seem interesting to you, but we’ll find out what makes your story fascinating, and we’ll display it proudly.


Is your show family-friendly?


It can be, depending on your needs.  We are equally comfortable performing for mature audiences and all-ages audiences.


How many performers will turn up at my party?


A standard TIYL Musical features 4 actors and one pianist.


Where am I going to get a piano?


We can bring our own.  If you have a piano already and you’re happy with us using it, we can do that instead.


Can I book TIYL for a surprise party?


Of course!  Our lips are sealed.


Can I book TIYL for a surprise show, at a party the guest-of-honor already knows about?


Yes!  We can even pretend to be party-guests or event staff and mill about inconspicuously.  We can also set up our keyboard right before the performance while the guest-of-honor is distracted.


How do you get the information about my life?


You are our main character. The inspiration for our show is taken from an interview we conduct at the start of your show.  We don’t do any research about you beforehand, so the only information we use for your musical will be volunteered by you.


What about private information?  Are you guys going to reveal something I want to keep secret?


No. When we interview you, your friends and family will be there and we may ask them if there’s anything else about you that they’d like to see in your musical - but that’s all. Our show is about celebrating your life!


Can you do children’s parties?




What if my child is too young to have a story to tell?


Everyone’s got a story. Even without a long history, we can have a lot of fun with the relationships your child has to family and friends - we can even take your child into the future, following his/her hopes and dreams, depending on what they share in the interview!


Can you do musicals for couples, rather than just one person?


Yes!  We love performing for anniversary parties and weddings.  


Can you do musicals for groups of people?


Yes!  We've all been trained at playing multiple characters in a show. The more the merrier.  Our show is a perfect addition to an office holiday party or corporate celebration. 


My party doesn’t have any particular guest of honor, but we’d love to see an improvised musical - can you perform?


Sure!  We can do a show about anything.


Do you travel outside of New York City?


Yes, we can and do travel! 


I saw your show and I loved it.  How can I learn to do what you do?


E-mail us.  We teach classes, and private and individual workshops!


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